Busy B’s Bindery Acquisition

The Burke Group Difference: Consistent growth and development to better serve you.

Burke Group is proud to announce the acquisition of Busy B’s Bindery! This latest purchase is yet another indication of Burke’s commitment to not only be your single source solution but to consistently evolve to better meet your businesses needs.

The acquisition of Busy B’s Bindery, now known as “Busy B Bindery” will yield additional customer benefits in terms of efficiencies and accessibility. In addition to the added expertise that Busy B’s founders, Brenda, and Mike Lipovski, will bring to the Burke team, we are also excited to boast expedited turnarounds, additional binding and finishing styles and in-house quality control procedures.

Through these enhanced services and our assurance to continued growth, we look forward to further demonstrating to you, the difference it makes to work with a trusted partner that you can count on. We believe ours is a difference worth discovering.

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