Cross Media Marketing​

An entirely analogue existence is unattainable and unattractive, however, so is an exclusively digital one. What is ideal is striking a balance between the two, otherwise known as cross-media marketing. By partnering with Burke, we provide you with both media formats.

Cross-media marketing is exactly what it sounds like: taking your marketing message and implementing it in a variety of mediums. This “combination effect” means that integrated campaigns that include direct mail elicit greater consumer attention. When you integrate direct mail with digital, the mix will drive more action. When combined, campaigns receive 57% more attention, 46% higher brand recall and 8% more memory arousal. Overall, integrated campaigns drive 39% more attention and multichannel customers spend three to four times more than single-channel customers do. In order to take full advantage of cross-media marketing, the sequencing of media matters. For example, utilizing an email deployment service, prior to outputting a direct mail campaign, will result in maximized brand recall. Always remember, direct mail makes the most impact when it follows a digital message. Contact us today to get your campaign started!

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